About Elk Mountain Herbs

Herbs Are Our Passion

We specialize in tinctures made from Rocky Mountain medicinal herbs. The best medicines are made from healthy, vigorous plants that grow in pristine environments, on mineral-rich soils, harvested at the correct time and processed immediately. Many of the herbs we use, we harvest from our organic gardens in the Elk Mountain and Snowy Range area of Southern Wyoming. The harsh Wyoming weather makes survival difficult for the plants that grow here and they are typically smaller than the same plants grown in milder climates. This struggle for survival creates excellent medicinal plants full of wonderful vitality. We also offer a variety of tinctures made from plants that grow in other parts of the world.

We take great care in choosing the best quality plants we can find.

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About Our Herbs


We prepare over 200 single herbal tinctures, many from Wyoming medicinal plants. Our smaller hand-crafted batches allow us to prepare the harvested plants with great focus. Unlike industrial herb processors, we carefully inspect each pound of fresh herb and remove all stems. Only then do we prepare the herb in a pure grain alcohol maceration. We honor the traditional tincturing process and the resulting products are full of vital green energy.


Our formulae are prepared with synergistic combinations of herbs that strengthen your targeted body systems and alleviate specific ailments. From Awake, Alert and Alive Adrenal tonic to ZAP! Cold Formula, we offer specially formulated herbal tincture blends.


We recently added specialty products in capsule form. Our favorite is the Wyoming Chill Relaxation Formula. We love telling our customers that they need to take a chill pill!

Our herbs are Certified Organic by the Global Organic Alliance; facility Inspected by the FDA; and licensed by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture