Herb Uses: Health Concern Topics

We have a large selection of herbs for a variety of uses. Please use the Tree of Life below to be directed to herb uses for your area of concern.

Dosage Information

Read dosage information carefully and follow recommended dosages. More is not always better. Many herbs are more effective when used as a tonic, taken regularly in small doses. Average dose for adults weighing 130 to 150 lbs is 30-60 drops, or 1-2 droppers full. Increase or decrease according to stage and severity of ailment as well as weight and individual sensitivities. Best taken in small amount of warm water.

Child’s dose is computed by dividing child’s weight by 150, which gives the fraction of the adult dose. For example, a 40 lb child will require 40/150, which is approximately 1/4 of the adult dose or 7-15 drops. Most of the alcohol can be removed from the tincture by putting the dosage into a small amount of boiling water and letting it sit uncovered until cool. If you are trying an herb for the first time, just try a small amount at first to make sure that you don’t have an adverse reaction to the plant.

We apologize that we are not able to provide more information about the traditional uses of medicinal herbs. FDA regulations view this information as making medical claims. We encourage you to educate yourself and read, read, read about herb uses.