Sida or Bala Tincture
Sida or Bala Tincture
Sida cordifilia made with 60% certified organic grain alcohol.  Ratio 1:5 Sida, also known as Country Mallow, has antibiotic properties and is active against a number of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus. It is used in South America to counteract a specific snake bite venom that destroys red blood cells. Contra indications: Sida is hyopglycemic, diabetics may want to monitor blood sugar levels as it may potentiate the effect of diabetes medication. Minute amounts of ephedrine maybe contained in this plant; avoid taking it with ephedrine containing medication. Avoid use during pregnancy. Dose: 1-2 droppers 3-4 x a day
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Sweet Annie CO  Fresh Tincture
Sweet Annie CO Fresh Tincture
Fresh certified organic Artemisia annua and certified organic grain. Ratio 1:2. An herbal anti-biotic used primarily for treating parasite infections of the liver and blood; has also a anti-tumor properties. Helpful for people suffering from babesis and Hepatitis B and C.* Take 1-2 droppers up to 6 x a day. Avoid use during pregnancy or with prescription liver drugs. For more information see Stephen Buhner's book: Herbal Antibiotics.
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Trikatu Tincture Formula
This formula is made from equal parts of three tinctures: That of Long Pepper (Piper longum), of certified organic Black Peppercorns (Piper nigrum) tincture and of fresh Ginger (Zingiber officinale) tincture. Trikatu is primarily used as a synergistic additive to other anti-biotic herbal tinctures or tincure formulas. Simply put it will make the other tinctures work better.* The Trikatu should make up 1/5 of your entire dose, for instance if you take 4 droppers of a flu remedy add one dropper of Trikatu. Please see Stephen Buhner's book "Herbal Antibiotics" for more information. Use Trikatu as an additive to your regiment for a limited time only, to get you over an acute situation. Avoid use with pharmaceutical drugs, and if you are trying to get pregnant (both potential parents!). It can exacberate acid reflux problems.
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Usnea Tincture
Usnea Tincture
Usnea hirsutissima and certified organic grain alcohol. Ratio 1:5. Antibacterial, anti-fungal. Useful for lower respiratory tract infections. Has drying effect, helpful for sinus infections. Taken for vaginal infections, especially trichomonas. Stimulates immune system.* Take 1 - 2 droppers, 4 times a day.
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ZAP! Tincture Formula
ZAP! Cold Formula - Cold formula containing Dandelion, Echinacea Root, Oregon Grape, Red Root and distilled water. Taken at first sign of cold (Scratchy eyes or throat, grouchiness, upset digestion or bowel habits), will usually abort the cold, or at least lessen symptoms considerably. At first sign of illness, take 1 - 3 tsp, 4 times a day. Use with caution during pregnancy
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