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Nettle Seed EMH caps


Nettle Seed – Certified organic Urtica dioica seed powder in veggi caps (60 capsules per bottle, 450 mg per capsule).
Nettle seed stimulates and revives body functions. Used for exhaustion and chronic tiredness: a superb tonic for the elders. It is used to support kidney health with surprising success. It apparently increases kidney glomerula functions and reduces serum creatinine levels. Use the Nettle seed tincture for that purpose if digestion is compromised (as tinctures are “pre-digested” and will enter the blood stream directly). Nettle seed also improves appearance of skin, scalp and hair.*
Unless otherwise instructed take 1 or 2 capsules 1-3 times a day.
Best if stored in the refridgerator, as the ground up seeds contain oils. Capsules contain no fillers, wheat, dairy, or soy, and we do not use magnesium stearate as a lubricant in manufacturing.